Review: Hornby Railroad Class A1 “Tornado”

Both me and Dave own the original Bachmann Tornado so it will be interesting to see how the newer Hornby Railroad does in this review.

Calling All Stations

Next up for Review I’ve got a loco I’ve had in my collection for a couple of years now, the Hornby Railroad BR Class A1 Tornado 60163 (R3060). Despite a few flaws this is now one of my favourite steamers in my collection. Let’s find out why…


Image from Roger Cornfoot

49 British Rail Peppercorn 2-6-2 A1’s were built in 1948 in predominantly Doncaster (some being built in Darlington), and were based on the LNER’s former 1922 A1 & A3 Nigel Gresley design of which the famous Flying Scotsman is a member. They are named after their designer, Arthur Peppercorn (what a wonderfully British name!).

The Peppercorn’s were built to handle post WWII passenger express traffic on the East Coast Mainline and were capable of hauling 550 tones (15 coaches) at a regular speed of 70mph.

These mighty beasts had largely been withdrawn by the mid 1960’s due to the ongoing conversion of…

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