UK Heritage Hub Issue 40 now ready to download!

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Below is a link to the brand new e-zine Issue 40, hosted at our new base of The Model Centre;

As ever, this issue brings you all the latest news from around the country together with some spectacular special features.


As ever a sincere thanks to all our contributors. Unfortunately there is no article from locoyard this edition, but this blog will be contributing to issue 41.

The next issue, Issue 41, is due for release on the 4 th July. Closing date for submissions will be the 1 st July at 1800.

We are open for submissions for our next issue submissions you wish to make can be sent to us at Alternatively you can send us items via Dropbox.

Remember to share the e-zine, and the UKHHs Facebook ( or even the UKHHs Twitter feed (@UKHeritageHub) and now you can find us on Google+, simply search for UK Heritage Hub, with anyone whom you think may be interested in what we do.



2 thoughts on “UK Heritage Hub Issue 40 now ready to download!

  1. Enjoyable read as always, lots of excellent pics from the GWSR gala which was brilliant, why no locoyard article this time if you don’t mind me asking?


    • Hi Alex, simply not enough time i’m afraid, thanks to the joys of buying and moving home. Model railway is completely dismantled, have no idea of when it’ll be rebuilt, or what it’ll look like, or even where it’ll go! Hoping life will get back to normal soon! Hope all is well with you, loved your posts on the GWRS gala 🙂


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