Follow the rails…

Where it comes to steam trains, I am still very much kid myself! Excellent post and pictures 🙂

Shayne T Wright

steam vic 3 0_1_-1_-2_-3_tonemapped

A kid shrieks from the rear of the car, “Train! A STEAM train!”.

Do you remember the days when you were that kid? When did your wonderment of the world cease to be for you? Was it about the same time the stress of the world knocked heavily on your door?

Throw it all in the trash can for just a few hours and renew yourself with a childhood like energy level of fun. With steam trains in town this weekend, our family took the chance for a bit of time out and for a change, the adults clocked out as well.

Chasing the train down a side street, we chugged along in time at about 40kph as my wife snapped off camera shots. All the while, kids squealed (including the teenagers) at the puffing steam giant of the rails whilst I navigated and hurled excited advice. “Fire! Fire! get…

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