The Torbay Express and The Royal Duchy

The Torbay Express and The Royal Duchy


This was to be an epic day of steam chasing in Devon with two charters.

First stop was Huntford near Bridgwater to see 45407 on The Royal Duchy, followed fairly swiftly by…….a disappointment as instead of the Castle rounding the bend it was Braunton. Disappointment soon forgotten we were in the car and off to Dawlish Warren where I saw both charters through once again,

Lunch at Paignton and a break to watch some of the servicing saw us back on the road headed for the approach to Cockwood Harbour for 34046 on the return Torbay. Then followed a dash up the motorway to Banklands to catch the last shot we would have of The Torbay. This bagged we then retraced our steps back to Tiverton Parkway to await the returning Royal Duchy. Unfortunately my camcorder decided not to capture my shot here, so I am grateful to Thomas Guppy for allowing me to use his clip. One final dash back to Bathpool to say farewell to the Duchy and a very weary trio set off for home. I hope you enjoy my efforts.

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