Study in Steel – LMS Documentry – 1935

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This evening we are looking at something special on YouTube in the form a a fascinating series of films produced by The London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS). This video called “A Study of Steel” takes us into the Crewe workshops to watch a Princess Royal Class steam locomotive being built. The locomotive seen during the film is no. 6207 and was named “Princess Arthur of Connaught”.

In the film you will be able to witness some extraordinary scenes showing the casting of huge iron and steel castings. Also featured is the art of forging alloy steel to produce the many high-strength parts needed in locomotive practice. The LMS Princess Royal Class is one of the iconic locomotives in British history with class pioneer 6201 Princess Elizabeth being arguably one of Britain’s most famous steam locomotives.

All of the interesting manufacturing details shown here, all relate to the automobile, as what was learned in early locomotive construction, was then applied to the motor car. If you enjoy this film take a moment to send us a comment and if enough of you reply, we will show more of the series in the future.

The video is the first in the series of videos producted by the LMS and we hope to look at some of the other videos in the near future.

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  1. I found this a while ago and it was thoroughly enjoyable, thanks for reminding me. I’d love to see some others, I think there’s one on carriage construction somewhere, of obvious interest to me 🙂


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