UK Tour: Steam Gala In Norfolk

A great look at the North Norfolk railway, some really good photos 🙂

Historical Aviation Film Unit

Having spent nearly three weeks running around the UK looking at aircraft and staying in various hotels, the next few days were certainly a major change of pace.

Once again we were in the Norfolk area, though this time we were right on the coast at Shearingham and Weybourne, rather than further inland as we had been a week or so past when we stayed in Norwich.

Weybourne A view looking toward the village of Weybourne as seen from the North Norfolk Railway.

Additionally this weekend there was to be no two-star hotel accommodation, it was five-star camping all the way at a local camp ground! Our good friend, photographer Rob Leigh supplied all the essential camping equipment, and kitted out his own ‘canvas’ hideaway with all the essentials of modern camping, including the beer fridge!

10660125_901664289848531_4356747315578954265_nWe were in the area for the weekend to attend the North Norfolk Steam Gala—a…

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