Locoyard - 5th November - Movember fireworks night (Thomas the Tank Engine)Remember, remember the 5th of Movember!  In 2012 and 2013 we ran a Movember campaign here on Locoyard, where we encouraged followers to add a “Mo” (mustache) to their model locomotives.  Although we are not running the campaign this year, we nevertheless would like to help raise awareness of the cause.

Locoyard Movember competition 2013 - Thomas the Tank EngineThe idea behind Movember is simple – men grow a mustache to both raise funds and awareness of serious men’s health issues.  The focus of the campaign has recently changed a little and no longer just focuses on certain cancers.  It looks at health and mental well-being too.  Awareness is key as many health problems, as most can be successfully treated if caught early.  Most men would probably agree that they are not as open to talking about their health or about how they are feeling.  This does not help the awareness of health problems, or the stigma of mental illness. By dramatically changing their appearance by growing a mustache, such conversations can take place that wouldn’t have before.

Locoyard Movember 2013 - Thomas the Tank Engine and Devious Diesel (under arches)The website provides some incredible statistics, I think the one that shocked me the most was that men have a 14% higher risk of developing cancer than women and a 37% higher chance of dieing from it.

The message may be serious but it’s so much fun to take part!  Please check out to find out more.