Design guru and iconic train lift the gloom of autumn

A truly brilliant achievement by the 125 group, I have been tracking the groups process for a while now and have been very impressed with there work 🙂

National Railway Museum blog

This is a guest post written by Associate Curator of Rail Vehicles Bob Gwynne.

Sir Kenneth Grange is an industrial designer whose work includes: the Kenwood Mixer, the Parker Pen, the Kodak Camera and the London taxi. All of his designs are examples of how he has worked to ensure that objects are good to look at as well as a pleasure to use. Out of all the items he has designed, his favourite project is the work he did on the High Speed Train, which he styled into a symbol of modernity that gave Britain’s railways a boost in the doldrums of the 1970s. He recalled to the BBC in 2006, that when it first came out in 1976:

“There wasn’t a sign of modernism in Paddington station. So I think the workforce – let alone the passengers – was mightily affected. This was a real symbol of hope for…

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