A day which didn’t go quite as planned!

I planned Saturday 29th December for 6 shots. Nunney Castle at Patchway and then Llanvihangle, followed by the 2 Black 5’s at Llanvihangle. I was then going across to catch 60009 before doubling back to Pilning for the returning Castle and Black 5’s.

What transpired left me with no Castle shots. I then went to Llanvihangle for the Black 5’s which put up a great show. I then went across to Standish, decided the light would be gone for No 9 so I ended up at Kemble for her. She didn’t disappoint with a chime whistle as she passed by. I had planned to go back out later to get the returning Black 5’s but following them on RTT it quickly became a nightmare, with a 62L departure from Shrewsbury and dragging brakes they got later and later so I decided to reluctantly call it a day. I hope you enjoy what I did capture!

Also Fireboxchaser now has a brand new look which will be reverting to its regular place on the web soon, but for now you’ll find it here! http://firebox.wix.com/fireboxchaser