TBT – Henbury Makes History – Coal Trains in 1981

Fantastic industrial scenes in this piece, particularly as shunting is likely to be the theme of my new model railway layout!

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As previously mentioned on this blog, in 1981, the Western Fuel Co.’s diesel shunter Western Pride was in need of an overhaul. This locomotive was used to shunt wagons on the dockside and into the WFC compound, as well as trip workings along the New Cut to Ashton Meadows sidings, from where a BR loco would take the wagons onto the main line.

So it was that Henbury was hired as the first preserved steam loco to pull scheduled goods trains for British Railways (BR having stopped using steam traction in 1968). She crept onto the Western Fuel Co.’s site at 7am on Monday 28th September 1981 and worked for the next three weeks hauling coal trains of up to 450 tons.

This video was unearthed by John Derrick from the former Bristol Industrial Museum’s archives. The owner is unknown.

Points of particular interest include running on the main line…

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