Half A Million Views!

Watercress Railway 2014 Ropley Christmas Santa Specials - BR Standard 9F 92212Yesterday (13th December 2014,) this blog passed a significant milestone by reaching and passing 500,000 views, about a month before the site turns three years old. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed, taken interest in, supported and joined in with this growing website. What started as an online modelling diary has evolved into so much more, involving many new friends, contributions and resulting in generating interest and even funds for heritage railways. And this shall continue!

Watercress Railway 2014 Ropley Christmas Santa Specials - Ex-LMS Black 5 45379Not surprisingly I was in very good spirits today! To celebrate I went to the Watercress Line to see the Santa Services in full swing. I’ve included three pictures here, but saved others for the Advent Calendar for you to look forward to in the run up to Christmas.

Watercress Railway 2014 Bowers Grove Lane Christmas Santa Specials - BR Standard 9F 92212Our final advent calendar entry on Christmas Eve is shaping up to be rather special. Don’t forget, that if you’d like to contribute to the Advent Calendar, you’ve still got time to get in touch.
Once again, a big thank you to all locoyard contributors and followers everywhere.

All the very best,

Dave Deane

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