Night Mail

Tonight we have a nice story for Boxing Day from retired Engine Driver John Anthony.  This is John’s experience of working the Night Mail… Enjoy!

2009 - North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Goathland - 45407 The Lancashire Fusilier name plate

Hi folks,

In 1956, the whistle shrilled and my driver opened the regulator of engine 46119, “the Lancashire Fusilier” which gave a mighty roar as the wheels spun on the oily rail on platform two, Euston London, (I went on ” on loan” to 1B / Camden because of a fireman shortage at that time.)  Thundering up Camden incline, we entered primrose hill tunnel barely doing 25 mph and with the needle showing full pressure, she blew off!! HURRAH!! She’s steaming free!  Blasting over the climb past Tring, she was flying through the countryside with the needle on the red mark.  Then, we slowed and stopped at Tamworth for the mail swop.  Then a wonderful thing happened, my mate, top link driver Bill Still (now in God’s railway in heaven) said in his broad scotch twang “NOW MA WEE LADDIE, I WILL TAK YE ON THE HIGH ROAD ANYTIME.”


Many thanks to John for sending this in!  All of John’s contributions can be found on a dedicated web page (please click here.)  Please note that the photograph used is of ex-LMS 45407 The Lancashire Fusilier that now carries the same name of the Royal Scot class referenced in this story.