Review of 2014 – Good Causes and Other Posts

Continuing the summary of 2014 from the post on model railways (click here) and Heritage Railway articles (click here) we have another blog post, this time looking at some of the causes we have supported this year and also blog posts that fit into the “other” category.  Also, do check out the pictorial review of 2014 by clicking here.

DSCN4979Good Causes.

We have supported a number of causes over 2014 and will continue to do so throughout 2015.

Simon’s volunteer diary (click here) entries are made to attract interest, show that anyone can become a volunteer and raise funds with the long term aim of getting CanPac running again.  Also in support of volunteers, Simon published articles on the Watercress Line’s wagon group (click here,) a general recruitment day on the line (click here,) the Isle of Wight Steam Railway’s volunteer recruitment day (click here) and the Kent and East Sussex Railway’s Saturday gang (click here.)  Perhaps one of the easiest and most significant way you can support heritage railways is through shopping online, which was also another marvelous blog post from Simon (click here to read.)

106_5456  Class 117 DMU, Gwili, Bronwydd Arms, Sun 29.09.13 © john jones copy

UK Heritage Hub began work on promoting the Gwili Steam Railway’s October gala in January 2014 (click here to read) and we shall also be supporting 2015’s gala.

Charity 12Jonathan has been leading on supporting the Aspergers Flyer Educational Society to raise awareness and raise money for Aspergers.  A dedicated web page has been set up to look at the various blog posts that Jonathan has written on behalf of the society so please check it out by clicking here.  Please take some time to view these articles and watch out for updates in the future.

ashburton2Jonathan also helped support the appeal to save Folkestone Harbour Railway Station (click here,) followed by an appeal to save another station at risk – Ashburton station (click here to read.)

Bridges To BroadwayAlex has been waving the flag for the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway and supporting the Bridges to Broadway share offer – Articles throughout the year are found here with an update here and a further update here with the latest update (here.)

Bluebell Railway -  Sheffield Park - Schools class V 928 StoweThe Bluebell Railway have had a good year in terms of fundraising, which given the importance of the line’s stock is very pleasing.  An early appeal of 2015 was to raise funds to help get their school class 928 Stowe running again (click here to read,) whilst later in the year came the successful Bluebell Railway Cash for Cover Appeal (click here.)

Other Articles.

Sometimes it is hard to classify all blog posts and so this is the miscellaneous section!

Awdry 2Both Simon (click here) and Jonathan (click here) wrote and published blog posts on World Book day (6th March.)  Jonathan also wrote one of my personal favourite posts of the year; a tribute to Reverend Wilbert Awdry (click here to read) and in a later blog post (click here) posed the question – are steam engines female?  Jonathan also looked at some of the challenges that face preservation from development, looking MoSI’s deal with Network Rail (click here to read.)

I don’t think anyone noticed, but Simon played an April Fools Day prank, which I believe no one picked up on (click here!)

On a more serious note, both UK Heritage Hub (here) and Shirl (here) published videos on steams return to the Dawlish sea wall after the storms of early 2014.  Also direct from UK Heritage Hub is our view on Trespassing on railways, a very important post (click here to read.)

image1On a very creative note was a guest blog post by Stephen Bedser – Capturing history with lines and curves (click here to read.)

Finally, I tried to tackle a Paradox of Preservation, something that generated a few interesting comments and discussions (click here.)