From Boy to Engine Driver

Tonight we have another great story from retired Engine Driver John Anthony! So without further ado, here’s a story to make you chuckle!

2014 - Watercress Line - Spring Steam Gala - Ropley - BR Standard 9F Class 92212 & 850 Lord NelsonHi folks,

When I was 15 summers old, at my first day of work as an engine cleaner in the cold black, old smoke filled loco shed, I dipped my freezing fingers into this paraffined bucket and started to swab the mighty wheels of this great sleeping steam locomotive. Suddenly, a pimply faced head popped out of the guts of this iron dragon and said “FANCY A GAME OF CARDS, MATE?!”

I said, “what if the foreman cleaner catches us?”



Many thanks to John for sending this in!  John’s contributions can be found on a dedicated web page (please click here.)


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