Murder mystery steam train adventure – ‘Whodunit’

A really good look at something which is becoming increasingly popular at various heritage lines across the country.

Foodie Heaven

I have always been intrigued by murder mystery’s – I had heard about them being really good and fun and the food also being delicious, so when i came across a steam train murder mystery, where you travel on a steam train whilst dining and solving a murder mystery – i just had to book it!

Luckily for me, this unique murder mystery was being held in Loughborough, the steam train itself runs from Loughborough to Leicester and back again – it stops at a few stops on the way so you can have a look at the different stations and be taken back in time. The other perk is that the ticket you get (which is a classic stub) is valid for full use of all train journeys the next day too.

The evening itself starts from 7pm and goes on until around 10:00pm.

I managed to get my…

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