Lilacs and Hyacinths

Tonight we find out retired Engine Driver John Anthony, thoughts on electric traction…

British Rail Class 86 Electric LOCO 86 258 Talyllyn Crewe Prior  to working the 1605 Holyhead to London Euston Forward 1-7-1984

Hi folks,

Will you follow me please, off to the railway holding sidings… Hush, her majesty is fast asleep! Silent as sin, (she’s a type 86 electric loco,) right, lets wake her up.  Battery switch IN, and she purrs, (auxiliary compressor) Look! She’s reaching up for her breakfast (volts) and with a swip/ swap of her wipers she wipes the sleep from her eyes.  Slowly, she creeps from her bed, grinding sleepers and keys and thinks her drivers a happy bunny.  Well I’m not; give me that lilac and hyacinth smell of a dirty great big black five, and then I’m happy!


Watercress Railway 2014 Bowers Grove Lane Christmas Santa Specials - Ex-LMS Black 5 45379Many thanks to John for sending this in!  John’s contributions can be found on a dedicated web page (please click here.)

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    Nice piece and probably captures the sentiment of all those who prefer steam locos. I guess part of it is actually what you know and grew up with – I wasn’t fortunate enough to have been born pre-1968 (to enjoy steam) but can only imagine through the many great preserved railways in the UK.


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