Stuck in a Rut

Good evening,

Long term readers might remember that I am a keen model railway enthusiast and have completed several locomotive reviews over the years for the blog. However recently I have got stuck in a rut and my layout has been sadly neglected as I struggle to get going on some of my various projects. It was when I was visiting my local model shop, a rather brilliant shop called Collectors Corner who can be found here on twitter, that I found a GWR wagon kit on sale for £3. It was a rather old Cooper Craft kit from the 1970s but I thought it was perfect little project to get my modelling juices running.        The kit itself was a rather simple 10t 5-Plank Open Goods Wagon which went together nice and easily. Having a 5 month old son means I don’t get much time to build complex kits but I was able to build this on my coffee table with only a few tools whilst my wife was out. I then painted it in a GWR freight grey, added some decals and a tarpaulin to create a nice looking wagon. I still have to add some metal wheels to the wagon to improve its running quality which are currently in the post. Once complete the wagon will join my train which is completely made up of kit built wagons and are all connected via chain link couplings, which looks brilliant when filming very slow moving trains as you see the tension being taken up in the trains.

My next step is to have a play with some of the weathering powders (which I also bought from collectors corner, they are well worth checking out if you live on the South Coast) to dirty it up and make the wagon look more realistic. Stay tunned for progress on how I get on stepping into the world of weathering and hopefully it wont be as long before a future model railway related post from me,

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great article and certainly giving me some inspiration. Heading back to England for short trip and hoping to pay a visit to Benhams Models in Edwinstowe. Hopefully I can find my own wagon in need of detailing.


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