Chatting About a Choo-Choo

Tonight we have another story from retired Engine Driver John Anthony, this time a conversation about the worlds’s most famous steam engine – be warned, as it’s not particularly complementary!

Churston - 60103 Flying Scotsman

Hi folks,


Years ago, I bumped into Ken, one of Sipton’s steam link drivers.  “Any steamers out Saturday, Ken?”

“Yes” he said “I’ve got the Flying Scrapyard!” (The Flying Scotsman).

“Oh” I said, “I’ve never had the pleasure”

”You’re the lucky one” he said “She shook my false teeth out over the big dipper” (Clapham to Carnforth line) “God” said Ken, “She does the jitter bug sideways, the tango up ways and the Charleston back ways!”

“Oh” I said, “I’ve never had the pleasure”




Many thanks to John for sending this in!  John’s contributions can be found on a dedicated web page (please click here.)