70th Anniversary of the Railway Series by Rev W Awdry

Locoyard Halloween Special 2013 - Day of The Diesel - 010 - Thomas  with Devious Diesel & SDJR Jinty 23

Today marks the 70th Anniversary of Rev W Awdry publishing the first of the famous Railway Series books, “The Three Railway Engines.” Interestingly this first book did not introduce the most famous character of the series – Thomas the Tank engine, but of course it is Thomas who became the star.

Hornby are marking the occasion by re-releasing their range of models, that should be available this December.

1997 - Wansford - 1 Thomas

You have to wonder how great an interest there would be in heritage railways in the younger generations if it wasn’t for Thomas the Tank engine and Friends. My first train set was a Hornby Thomas the Tank engine set. It didn’t take long until I wanted to find out about real steam engines that grown ups were interested in and the rest, as they say, is history.

Watercress Line - 2013 - Ropley - 1 Thomas the Tank Engine (water tank number)

It is right therefore that we mark the day on locoyard and say happy birthday to the first book of what would become the biggest fictional franchise of steam engines in the world!


Happy Birthday!

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