Hornby Announce SR 58’ Maunsell Rebuilt (ex-LSWR 48’) Coaches

Hornby’s marketing team have to be congratulated in the way that they “leaked” the announcement that they are planning to add some new rolling stock to Southern modellers layouts in 2016.  Over the previous weekend, the first video to be released of the company’s forthcoming Adams radial tank running with a set of unusual looking carriages (see above.)  They followed this up today with an official announcement that they were early samples of  Ex-LSWR 48’ Maunsell Rebuilt 58’ Coaches.

These carriages were Maunsell 1935/6 rebuilds of life expired 48 foot LSWR carriages, onto 58 foot Maunsell frames.  They were used on many lines in the southern region, notably including the Lyme Regis branch.  Therefore they are the perfect accompaniment to the forthcoming Adams Radial 0415 class Tank models, although are equally suitable (amongst others) for M7’s, T9’s and the 02 class locomotives.  For full details, check out the thorough announcement on the Hornby website by clicking here.

Hornby SR 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48’) Nine Compartment Lavatory Third Class Coach - R4720

I personally think this is a fantastic announcement, providing more variety on post 1936 layouts.  To read more about the story of the forthcoming Adams radial tank models please click here.  To read more about future planned model steam locomotive releases in 00 scale, please click here.  Thanks for reading.


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