Please Help The East Kent Railway!

East Kent Railway 20th Anniversary Gala

Today we have a request for help from the East Kent Railway that we would like to share.  So please read on and also take note of the date!

On July 18th and 19th, the East Kent Railway shall be holding their 20th Anniversary gala, which is planned to be a very big event with lots happening, including an intensive timetable, beer and cider at both ends, and multiple fun games and stalls from local organisaitons, not to mention a formal opening ceremony of the new car park with a Special guest cutting the ribbon…. Since this event is set to be so big, the line will need all hands on deck to help run it. As well as the usual operational jobs, the railway will need marshalls at both stations to help with parking and general assisting with passengers and extra bodies to help man some of the stands, including an EKR volunteering stand inside Southern Railways purpose built van to show off what being a volunteer at the EKR really means, and to hopefully get some more people involved.

If you can spare even half a day to help, it would be greatly appreciated as this could be the start ready for more busy events in the coming years.

if you could send your availability to, that would be great.

Thanks all in advance.
Callum Laing
Events Manager
East Kent Railway