Mike’s Movies White Metal 00 Gauge Models

Without doubt one of the nicest things about our hobby in this day and age is how easy it is to find like-minded people, or (as in this case) for them to find you.  Mike, Director/Owner of Mike’s Movies contacted me last week asking permission to use a photograph of SECR class D for one of his movies, which as you can see from the video above I was happy to agree to!  The video features some marvellous kit/scratch built models of Mike’s fathers collection, my personal favourite’s being the aforementioned class D and the LBSCR K class, a locomotive that was possibly one of the most attractive steam engines built (in my humble opinion that is!)  It’s pleasure to see such fine models as I’m sure you’ll agree.  Don’t forget to check out Mike’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/MikesMovies