Blink and You’ll Miss It – Nappers Halt

South Devon Railway Nappers Halt July 2015On the return service train to Totnes, the South Devon Railway gave a commentary as the locomotive chuffed leisurely through the beautiful Dart valley. The commentary was very good and created plenty of interest, but one item in particular had me running for the window with the camera.  Fortunately at this stage in the journey I had finished my cup of tea, otherwise it could have been a disaster!  The chap in the commentary told us (or words to that effect) that we were about to pass what may be the smallest standard gauge station in the country.  No blogger could let this pass by without a couple of snaps…

South Devon Railway Nappers Halt July 2015Nappers Halt is located near Staverton Station, towards Totnes Littlehempston.  It is only used during special events and serves Starverton’s Sea Trout Inn (which incidentally is a great pub for a meal out.)  Interestingly it is located slightly closer to Staverton village than the “main” Staverton station.  The Halt is very small and there’s no doubt that as far as my memory serves, it is the smallest station I have seen.  I’m not sure however if it is the smallest – I wonder if anyone out there knows of anything smaller?  I’m seriously considering taking a tape measure the next time I visit South Devon to find out exactly how small it is!

Thanks for reading!