Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway August 2015

After a washout on the Sunday, I postponed my visit to the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway until Monday, and I am glad I did, the weather was much warmer, and a good thing too with the open carriages that were on offer.


The railway was originally built in 1875 for transport of iron ore from the mines to the Roman port of Ravenglass, and was 3ft gauge. However it was converted to 15 inch gauge in 1915, by toymakers Bassett Lowke, transporting passengers and granite. The railway is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a celebration at the end of August.DSC01145

Starting at Ravenglass, I boarded the train and travelled through some spectacular scenery, from one of the Lakes to the thick forests, with a variety of wildlife to see within. The railway has a number of request stops, which is ideal for walking around the countryside. I was here for the locomotives, so I did not get off the train, apart from at the end of the line.


Three steam locomotives were in operation on the day, and a diesel locomotive made up the fourth train. All of the trains were full of families enjoying their day on the line, with many of them getting off at the terminus for a walk around the countryside, which, as with my previous visit to the Lakeside and Haverthwaith Railway, it was very pleasant to see the hopeful future generations of volunteers getting their first taste of steam locomotives. The guard on my train had brought her daughter for the day, to show her the ropes.


On the return trip, which was downhill, it was a much faster trip, with the sun shining, and wind brushing on my face. I really liked the inclusion of having open carriages, and I could tell many visitors had the same idea, as when a train entered the station and the passengers departed, it was not long before those seats were taken, or reserved by backpacks!


I really enjoyed my trip to the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, and I will have to make another trip up there at some point in the future. A small railway with a large amount of character, and all of the locomotives were smartly presented, along with a service that was kept up with the timetable.


Above is my video from my visit.

Thanks for reading.