Best to go West?

2014 Bluebell Railway - East Grinstead - SECR C class 592Two years ago the Bluebell Railway realized a significant ambition by re-connecting with East Grinstead. The northern extension was a remarkable feat and achievement for the preserved line. The completed northern extension has proven to be beneficial to the Bluebell Railway and beyond for the local economy.  Since then the railway opened the extension it has concentrated efforts on consolidating and improving existing infrastructure and stock.  However the Bluebell Railway still is looking further into future development of the line, including potential expansion.1997 - Horsted Keynes - 592

The Bluebell Railway’s medium and longer term aims for extending the heritage line are well known and publically documented.  In particular is the medium term potential for extending west to Ardingly and beyond to Haywards Heath.  This potential new spur would run from Horsted Keynes and so would restore that station’s role as a junction.  2014 Bluebell Railway - Horsted Keynes - Ex-GWR 56xx class - 5643 & sign

Such a project would be a significant undertaking and as such the railway are beginning to collate information to determine the best course of action.  Part of this information collecting involves conducting a survey.  The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and will provide very useful data for the railway.  So Loco Yard readers, please help in this small way and click on the link here to take part.

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