Oakworth Station – The home of the railway children

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In July I took my daughter to see the Railway Children stage show in London (which I reviewed here) and since then she has become very interested in the book and 1970s feature film. Whilst at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway I couldn’t miss the opportunity to recreate part of the movie with her waving out of the carriage as we thundered towards Oakworth just like the old gentleman. Unfortunately our Green Dragon on the day was actually grey but you can’t win everything.

DSCN6368Oakworth Station was opened with the line in 1867 and originally there was a signal box at the station which controlled a goods loop giving access to the goods yard and the level crossing. That signal box was removed in the 1950s and the  control of the level crossing passed to the station staff, although it is still noticeable that the level crossing is still double track width, even though there is only a single line through the crossing. The goods siding is still in use and is home to some of the lines many wagons.

Sadly we didnt get a chance to explore Oakworth but next time we visit the line it is a must as you never know, we might even bump into Mr Perks!

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2 thoughts on “Oakworth Station – The home of the railway children

  1. The original film was something else…Jennie Agutter excited young men like me the first time around. Then, when she played the mother in a later version,,, Still a vision of beauty! Fantastic actress and a lady who deserves love and respect from us all 🙂 And, of course there was the wonderful Bernard Cribbins 🙂 They don’t make films like that any more 😦


    • Bobby and Perks are always the staring roles in any version of the Railway Children, when I saw the stage show in London it was them who stole the show. The 1970s movie is definitely the best version I remember the TV movie that was filmed at the Bluebell which was a poor imitation.


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