Perfect Pewsey

A great little 009 scale layout … not sure I’d make a 280 mile round trip to see it though!

Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

Last weekend I pottered down to Pewsey to the 009 Society’s Wiltshire Group Members Day and MOMING ’15 (MODelling MINimum Gauge Railways). There were demonstrations, trade stands, many layouts and lardy cake… all crammed into the village hall.

Here are three layouts I haven’t seen before that caught my eye.

Busch Works by Simon Andrews was the smallest layout and possibly the most charming. It is a factory tramway in the unusual scale of 00n20 which is 00 scale (1/76th) on Z gauge track to represent a 20 inch gauge. It has two of the cutest Jung locomotives I’ve seen. They are kits from Rushby’s Resins.

Busch Works


I loved the charming rural railway, Wisteria Collop, created by Dave Simpson. A very simple layout, with a passing loop, one siding and the most fantastic flowering wisteria.

Wisteria Collop.

A long chat with John Thorne about Bottle Kiln Lane taught…

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