Project 28: UK Heritage Hub’s Clan Line Farewell.

Good evening,

Tonight we have something rather special in the form of the UK Heritage Hubs Project 28.  In a small shed, in the corner of Stewarts Lane depot, near Battersea, a steam locomotive, built in the 1940s, is being brought to life for it’s final main line railtour. Southern Railway Merchant Navy class no.35028 Clan Line is bowing out of service after 9 years on the main line with a trip from London to Crewe. In this film, UK Heritage Hub take a look back at some of Clan Line’s best performances, and meet some of the volunteers who are preparing it for it’s final trip. With outstanding lineside photography from a number of regular UK Heritage Hub contributors, this film revisits the best bits of the second half of Clan Line’s most recent boiler certificate. This, is Project 28: UK Heritage Hub’s Clan Line Farewell.

This brilliant video was a very enjoyable watch and highly recommended.

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