A Locomotive that almost went through Hell!

Kent and East Sussex Railway Tenterden August 2015 (76) 2-6-0 mogul 21C class Norwegian State Railways (Norwegian Norges Statsbaner AS) 376 (19) Norwegian

This steam locomotive is one of the few in the UK that can honestly say it’s run past Hell on a regular basis during its career.  This is no joke, although “Hell” in this case is the name of a village in Norway.  No 376, aptly named Norwegian, has featured on this blog frequently over the years and I’m not afraid to say that is a favourite of mine.  On my recent flying visit to Tenterden town station on the Kent and East Sussex Railway I had the opportunity to have a good look at this locomotive.  The pictures of this have been added to my previous article of 376 that includes a write up if its history and also my personal reasons for being fond of this machine.  Click here or on the picture above to read more!