Talking Stock #1 Bulleid Merchant Navy Pacifics

Good evening, I saw this brilliant post by Graham Muz on the 35011 page this afternoon and was surprised to see its never been seen on LocoYard. Graham has an amazing collection of original Bulleids with 35006 ‘Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co’ standing out for me

Southern Railway, Fisherton Sarum, Canute Road Quay & Westhill Road

This is the first in hopefully a series of posts looking at the various items of rolling stock that have and operate on Fisherton Sarum. Over time the intent is that the series will include locomotives, coaching stock and wagons.

First up are Bulleid’s masterpieces the Merchant Navy class in original ‘Air Smoothed’ condition. I am not going to get into discussion about the success or otherwise of the design as plenty has been published elsewhere, but to cover some of the models that I have built / can be seen running on Fisherton Sarum. All of the Merchant Navy models you see here have been built from, the now discontinued, Millholme Kits and using a few additional castings by the late great Albert Goodall (See my update post about his castings here).

The first of the class 21C1 ‘Channel Packet’ was introduced in February 1941. Being under war time…

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  1. Fisherton Sarum is probably my favourite model railway layout. Graham contributes much to the hobby and his work deserves repeating.


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