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Tonight we are looking at a rather interesting story that was in the newspapers recently about the worlds most famous train.The National Railway Museum asked people across four continents to name five trains or engines they had heard of and the Scotsman topped the poll. It came out just ahead of the Rajadhani Express – the pride of India’s network – the Orient Express and the Ghan, Australia’s 1,800-mile pan-continental service. The full top 25 can be found below and what surprised me the most was the ranking of the Hogwarts Express at number 25 I’d have placed money on her being in the top 10 following the huge success of the Harry Potter series.

1. Flying Scotsman
2. Rajadhani Express
3. Orient Express
4. The Ghan
5. Shatabdi Express
6. Amtrak
7. Indian Pacific
8. Mallard
9. Duronto Express
10. Bullet Train
11. Thomas the Tank Engine
12. Garib Rath
13. Chennai Express
14. Stephenson’s Rocket
15. Overlander
16. Trans-Siberian Express
17. Puffing Billy
18. Eurostar
19. Union Pacific
20. Deccan Queen
21. The Blue Train
22. Palace on Wheels
23. Rocky Mountaineer
24. Brighton Belle
25. Hogwarts Express.

The National Railway Museum also released a video showing the continuing work being done on the 92 year old locomotive in Bury.

I for one am looking forward to seeing this legend back in steam next year.

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