London Road

South Hants Model Railway Club show 2015 - London Road - LNWR - OO Gauge (3)

Good evening,
Tonight we are looking at another one of my favourite layouts from the South Hants Model Railway Club show in November. The layout in question is a P4 layout called London Road owned by Jolyon Wilkinson. London Road was originally built in the 1980s as a four road suburban terminus, representing the LNWR in the Edwardian period. After many years of storage, it was purchased by Jol Wilkinson and John Redrup (one of the original owner/builders) in 2007 and restored, appearing at several shows including expoEM 2009. The layout became the sole property of Jol Wilkinson, who then decided that it could be converted into a though station by discarding the original platform section and adding two new baseboards and another fiddle yard. The two new scenic baseboards are shown on display here at expoEM 2013 to show progress so far.

Measuring eleven feet by two feet maximum, the new boards provide the through platform lines and the northern station approach, with two carriage sidings and headshunt access to an off scene loco shed. The P4 trackwork is made from a mix of C&L and Exactoscale components, the plain track panels being built in a laser cut jig to give correct sleeper spacing. The eleven turnouts and single slip are operated by Cobalt and Tortoise point motors. Signals are built from MSE parts with brass posts and operated by miniature servos with MERG controllers.
The London Road No.2 signal box was built by Peter Sapte from two London Road Models LNWR type 4 signal box kits. The road over bridge is scratchbuilt from plasticard while the station buildings are made from Grand Junction LNWR components. Roofs and canopies are made from plasticard with LRM etched canopy brackets and valances.

The layout has a great mix of stock, little scenes with always something to look at and was a crowd favourite.
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