Christmas Photographs Please!

2012 - Watercress Line - Ropley - SR Schools class V - 925 Cheltenham - Christmas LightsWe hope you have been enjoying this year’s Advent Calendar!  We are open for contributions to the Advent Calendar, so if you have a winter themed image from a railway (real or model,) please send it in!  Full credit to the contributor will be given and we’ll gladly promote your own website and/or YouTube channel in exchange.  We are already over half way into this year’s Advent Calendar blog posts, which is a scary thought, so don’t delay and send us an image today!  Please send them with any details of the contributor to

Watercress Railway 2014 Ropley Christmas Santa Specials - Father Christmas Santa Claus

Don’t forget to tune in at 6AM GMT everyday until 24th December 2015 for a different railway themed Christmas photograph, each time hiding behind the locoyard engine shed doors.  Alternatively, follow this blog via email and you’ll get all blog posts delivered directly for you to open at your leisure!

Merry Christmas!

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