How much of Flying Scotsman is original?

1993 - Paignton - 60103 Flying ScotsmanGood evening,

Earlier in the year Dave wrote a very popular piece on authenticity within in the railway and wider heritage scene and this week Anthony Coulls did a very interesting piece on a similar theme with “How much of Flying Scotsman is original?” which we thought we’d look at tonight. Anthony Coulls is the Senior Curator of Rail Transport and Technology at the National Railway Museum and a very interesting person to follow on Twitter so without further ado;

As the locomotive’s overhaul nears completion, this is a perennial question asked of us, and really, the answer is ‘not much’. Over the course of its 90 plus year history as a working locomotive, parts have been replaced at every overhaul – plus of course the locomotive was rebuilt from A1 to A3 specification. It is more of an assemblage of parts bearing the name and taking the familiar outline that is known and loved by so many. (Click here to read more)