Saving Britains forgotten double decker

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Tonight we are looking at a rather interesting project that has been developing over the last couple of months to save one of the last remaining Bulleid designed 4-DD driving units. The 4-DD units were a unique experiment in UK train design, an experiment which carried on in service for over 20 years. The trains were withdrawn in 1971, and although a full unit was put aside in the hope that they would fall into preservationists hands, sadly only two coaches still remain, both in poor condition and in need of some care and attention. One of these units, 13003, has ended up at Sellindge and has sadly been left to be forgotten but hopefully that will change soon with a team being formed to restore her.

© Tim Hannington

© Tim Hannington

In late December the team had successful first visit to see 13003 at Sellinge and a meeting took place with the owner which was positive and may allow for more access in the future. Permission was given for the group to cover the unit (the covers have vents to allow the coach to breathe).

You can find out more information by visiting there website or joining there Facebook group by clicking here.

Lets hope this unique piece of history is saved for future generations.

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