Winterley Wharf

Winterley Wharf - 2015 - O Gauge - SMRC (6)
Good evening,

Tonight we are looking at another one of my favourite layouts from the South Hants Model Railway Club show in November.

Winterley Wharf is an O gauge layout owned by John Snow of the Winchester Railway Modellers club. The layout is based on a small fictional town called Winterley which is served by a canal in a valley surrounded by chalk hills. Local businessmen could see the advantage of a railway connection and persuaded the ‘powers that be’ to build a connection to the main line allowing their business’s to find new outlets. Space was short and building involved tunnelling through the chalk hillside allowing a small passenger station and goods yard to be constructed. The model is only eleven feet long and is operated by a 26-lever mechanically interlocked lever frame. Control of the locomotives can be by DCC or DC methods, with interlocking allowing combinations if necessary, as the bay track has its own fiddle yard road. At exhibitions traditional DC control will be used, as the sound effects are normally lost in exhibition halls.

Railway scenes with canals are always a hit and this one might have been small in size but great in detail.

Thanks for reaidng.

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