Hornby Toy Trains for 2016

Earlier this month, Hornby announced a number of new product lines to be released later this year across their brands.  With the resurrection of their old Thomas the Tank engine range, Hornby is looking to cater for more than just the mainly adult dominated scale model market by producing a range of battery powered toy trains for a target audience of 5-8 year olds.  They are also considering releasing a range of wooden trains.

Of course the toy market is once was an important part of the Hornby customer base, which reassuringly means that Hornby are aiming to being a brand that caters for all ages, which is good news for the longevity of the model railway hobby.  This is just once part of a large announcement that includes Humbrol 3D Printing and expanding the Airfix Quickbuild range.  The full details of the new ranges for 2016 are within the excerpt of the press release that can be read below:


  • Hornby is looking to target children aged 5-8 with a new range of battery-operated trains, launching in late 2016. The company is also looking to introduce a new generation to railway modelling with a high quality range of wooden toy trains.·     Airfix Quickbuild was the fastest-growing part of the brand in 2015, with the McLaren P1, Lamborghini Aventador and Bugatti Veyron being particularly successful. The company expects this to continue in 2016 as it extends into new categories including construction, emergency vehicles and dinosaurs.
  • Airfix Engineer is also set to expand later this year. The new range will include six exciting new models: Early 4-Cylinder Engine, V8 Muscle Engine, Steam Locomotive, Radial Engine, V12 Aero Engine, & Jet Turbine Engine.
  • Scalextric ARC PRO is a state of the art powerbase, which works with a free to download tablet or smartphone app. It allows racers to recreate different weather conditions and race incidents, time their laps, share results on social media, race up to six cars on two lanes at the same time, and create obstacles and hazards for their opponents in arcade mode.
  • Scalextric Pro Chassis Ready allows racers to go even faster by installing and running performance parts from Slot.it – the go-to brand for car upgrades and racing. The company also offers the ability to create a unique 3D printed chassis, in collaboration with 3D printing experts Shapeways.
  • Humbrol 3D Printing is a new concept the company is looking to launch in late 2016, which will allow 3D items to be formed from a range of coloured filament. It offers an efficient, quick and easy way to produce a range of objects and models in minutes.
  • Corgi celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2016 and will launch a range of new and specially created models this year, all in special limited edition 60th Anniversary packaging, as well as new Classic Thunderbirds models based on the original TV series.
  • Pocher will launch its first 1:4 motorcyle kit – the iconic Ducati Superbike 1299 Panigale S. The model comes ready painted and consists of more than 600 parts including functional suspension, wheels and brakes.

Richard Ames, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

We will be showcasing an exciting array of new products at Toy Fairs around the world in the coming weeks. We look forward to engaging with our customers, fans and followers at these events and letting them know what we are working on. Hornby is developing a really interesting range of new concepts for the next generation of fans, while our core collector market continues to enjoy our well-loved brands.

Thanks for reading.