The New Hogwarts Express?

New Hogwarts Express - C Class - Kings Cross (1)

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Tonight we are looking at something rather special! As most people know, we at LocoYard are big fans of the Harry Potter series and in particular the Hogwarts Express, so it comes as no great surprise that tonight we are looking at the new Hogwarts Express that will be featured in the new Harry Potter spin off Fantastic Creatures and Where To Find Them. Fantastic Creatures and Where To Find Them is a prequel/spin off of the Harry Potter series taking place 70 years before Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or for you American’s out there Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Today the Bluebell Railway’s SECR C Class is at Kings Cross under hire for Warner Brothers for the filming of Fantastic Creatures and Where To Find Them. It makes sense for them to use the C Class given that its older than the Hall (only 25 years mind) which will make it easier to show on screen the difference in time between this movie and the original series. The C Class was towed by a Class 20 from the Bluebell late last night to begin filming duties at Kings Cross where she was captured in these brilliant photographs by Edward Hindell.

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4 thoughts on “The New Hogwarts Express?

  1. Super to see – along with some (nearly) appropriate coaching stock – certainly a change from the ‘Chesham Set’ which I think it was assumed would be used. Will this persuade Bachmann to reintroduce the ‘C’ in full SECR glory I wonder!?!


    • Maybe it will pusuade Bachmann to reintroduce the model, but in the meantime it may push up secondhand prices even further, if that’s possible!


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