Wantage – O Gauge

Wantage - O Gauge - Southampton Model Show 2016 (2)

Good evening,
Tonight we are looking at one of my favourite layouts I saw at the Southampton Model Railway Club Exhibition in the form of Wantage. Wantage is an O Gauge layout which is closely based on the Mills Street terminus of the Wantage Tranway Company owned by D. S. Cox of the Crawley MRS. The period modelled is approximately 1920, before the ldemise of the lines passenger services. The railway buildings are all based on the prototype structures, but the gasworks which hides the fiddle yard is pure fiction. The rolling stock to be seen on the layout is appropriate for the period with most of the rolling stock being scratch built.

I really liked the little scenes on the layout and it captures the 1920s atmosphere perfectly. I hope you enjoyed rhis quick look at Wantage until next time thanks for reading.


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