Made From Cardboard!

EG Best cardboard models (6) Hunslet 4-6-0 tank engine 311 The marvellous models on this page were scratch built, which is an incredible feat. However, most surprising of all was the medium used – cardboard. These are just a small selection of EG Best of Winchester’s collection of hand made cardboard models.

EG Best cardboard models (7) Southern Olive Green A1X Terrier class 2644The attention to detail of these cardboard models is exemplary and a result of considerable research. Cardboard is an often scoffed of material for use when modelling, but these models prove that this needn’t be the case.

EG Best cardboard models (1) Fowler B6 classThese models were not made from kits, but from good quality cardboard. Mr Best told me that boxes of cornflakes are an example of particularly good cardboard used frequently! Essentially therefore, the models are made from recycled materials and cost very little to make (except of course in time).

I was fortunate enough to see these examples of EG Best’s craft skills at Romsey Model Railway Exhibition 2016, a show that may not be as big as some, but nevertheless had a remarkable selection of layouts and comes highly recommended.

I’ll leave you with a gallery of pictures of a cardboard model of an LSWR 380 class – an exquisite and beautiful locomotive fantastically captured in 1″ to 1′ scale.

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