Footplate Ride on the 31806

What a fantastic way to enjoy a visit back in the UK!

Our Growing Paynes

Whenever we travel back to the UK I always have a list of things to do and eat. Once we land and make our way to Swanage we pop down to the water and I get my fish n chips. Clears the cobwebs. Nothing like the sea air to give you a second wind, or third or fourth, depending on how hard it is to stay awake.

Of course I always ask my FIL if it’s possible to have a footplate ride. I make sure I pack clothes that can get dirty and trainers that are on their last legs. Today I was able to have a ride on the 31806 and it was fabulous! The weather was amazing, which is good as this one is an open cab. Must be miserable in the rain but I didn’t have to worry about that!

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