The Ones That Got Away

Kent and East Sussex Railway Rolvenden tour 2016 (82) new carriage shed - Class 33 (33052) D6570 AshfordWell, we thought the tour of Rolvenden report was over, but there were a couple of locomotives that somehow missed the roundup.  The first is Class 33 (33052) D6570 Ashford. This locomotive was looking a little sorry for itself and needs some tlc to get back to running condition. D6570 is a member of a class long associated with southern England and so although it never ran on the K&ESR in pre-preservation years, it’s not completely out of place.

Kent and East Sussex Railway Rolvenden tour 2016 (19) No. 41 Ruston No.1 0-4-0DEThe second locomotive is a rarely looked at but very useful locomotive – Ruston 0-4-0DE No.1.  It’s used as a yard shunter and hauling permanent way trains and so can be regarded as an unsung hero! That’s it from the Kent and East Sussex Railway Rolvenden tour, thanks for letting me share it with you all!


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