Steaming Home For Christmas

After a long time of rusting away in the blogosphere, it’s time to begin the restoration of locoyard.  Much has changed since this blog was in it’s prolific period, both in the railway and personal world of this author.  Naturally, there’s much to catch up on, but now is not quite the time or place to bring you up to speed because it’s 30th November.  And here I am, late on the Eve of the first day of Advent without having prepared a single Advent Calendar Blog Post for 2017.  So what am I doing wasting my time writing this I hear you cry?!  Don’t worry, I agree…  So here’s the plan, locoyard followers (if you’re still out there), we can begin catching up, each morning at 6AM, through the pictures to be found behind the locoyard Advent Calendar doors!

See you then, bright and early!




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