… And the Youngest

The youngest (prototype) I own is a model of the last locomotive constructed by British Railways – 92220 Evening Star.  Built in 1960, this locomotive is merely 52 years old.  This is not a “resident” but visits he line regularly from the display cabinet.

This started life as a Hornby Railroad version.  The railroad range is excellent value and this model can be obtained new for as little as £52.  Bearing in mind that Bachmann’s better version can very rarely be found for less than double this, Hornby’s version is well worth it.  It is a fantastic loco-drive performer and the decoration is good too.  It has been modified to get it looking almost as good as super-detail models.  I have picked out brass and copper pipes, added a smokebox door and brass name and numberplates.  Also added are lamp irons.  I have also added my own glazing using Delux Materials glue and glaze – a big improvement over the recessed windows supplied.  The easiest improvement can be made by removing the huge tension lock coupling in the front of the model.  I still want to replace the chimney, the one supplied is poor to say the least, but despite this I’m pleased with the work to date.

I’d be interested to hear about any of the other “Railroad” models from Hornby – feel free to comment!

3 thoughts on “… And the Youngest

  1. I personally have had negative experiences with railroad models due to their poor running qualities and lack of detail.

    However the current Hornby GWR Hall looks excellent and runs well ive been told so I may be tempted.


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