Lord Nelson DCC Fitted and improved!

One of my favourite locomotives is Maunsell’s four-cylinder 850 Lord Nelson. It looks and is very powerful!  This model is from Bachmann and is a good runner with plenty of power.  This is surprising considering that it is one of its split-chassis models.  This does mean however that is a nightmare to convert to DCC.  Reading instructions online involving dismantling the valve gear scared me, so I found one that someone had bravely converted themselves and bought it!  Being a limited edition model, it was difficult to get hold of it cheaply but this model was fitted with a blown DCC chip and was a non-runner as a result.  I rewired a new chip and bingo, it ran!

The model itself is ok – I replaced the chimney as Bachmann’s plastic job almost looked like a plasticine effort.  Fitting a new chimney involved carefully drilling a hole in the model – a scary thing to do to something with a limited edition certificate!  It was well worth it.  I also picked out some cab details (see below).  I’ve contemplating staining the valve gear black, but haven’t got round to it.

This is my only DCC fitted split-chassis model.  I’ve often contemplated getting a Bachmann Ivatt 2MT tank, but DCC fitting would be too difficult.  I’m hoping that Bachmann upgrade this model and base it on it’s 2MT Ivatt tender model – a much better model.  Anyone agree?

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