Improving Bachmann’s Lord Nelson

Locoyard will be going back in time to Southern Railway in the 1930’s 1940’s very soon.  Lined black and Brunswick Green will make way for Olive and malachite green.

In preparation for the changeover, I’ve had a look at Lord Nelson, with the view to improving it some more.  Much the work has already been completed and covered in a previous article (click here), however I wanted to tone down the very shiny valve gear and motion (above).  Having heard some horror stories about using chemicals I decided to use paint.  I am happy with the result (below), although it is perhaps a little too black.

Nellie still had shiny steel wheel rims that are too noticeable.  So a trip to the local model shop and two coats of Humbrol Railmatch RC409 on the bogey wheels at the result is below.

Much better!  But I still wasn’t completely happy with the driving wheel rims, so I then painted them…

It will look better beside more modern releases now and Lord Nelson can once again resume its’ role as flagship of the fleet!