9F Evening Star – adding a little more detail

Good Evening, Locoyard followers!

As mentioned before in a previous post; my Hornby Railroad 9F class Evening Star has been the subject of an ongoing detailing project.  Highlighting the copper pipes was done before, as was adding the lamp brackets, smokebox door and the replacement of the recessed glazing.  However, I was not happy with the chimney as it was so clearly just a lump of copper coloured plastic.  I was intending to replace it, but decided to have a go at modifying the supplied version first and am rather pleased with the result!

I had a similar aesthetic-chimney problem with a Bachmann Lord Nelson class and its Bulleid chimney.  That required major drilling as the Bulleid chimney diameter was so wide.  That was a stressful operation; as if it went wrong it could have been fatal for the model!  Fortunately, the 9F double chimney has much smaller, narrower openings and using a sharp hobby knife avoided a major drilling procedure.  I bored into the 9F’s chimney, to give (at least the illusion) of some depth.  I then painted the appropriate area black, as per the prototype.  It looks much better now!

The next chapter in my Railroad Evening Star detailing project will be to look at the tender – I’d like to add some relief to the Hornby BR1G tender’s chassis – particularly the axle boxes.

I’ve had the opportunity to examine my card-built signal box purchased at Eurotrack International Exhibition 2012.  The interior is very nicely detailed, only slight problem being that the door is lacking glazing.  However, the advantage of this is that it gives good view of inside (see bottom picture!)

In the past week, Bachmann have announced their 2012/13 range – and very nice it is too! However it largely devoid of Southern interest, which is just as well for my finances!  I will look at the new range in more detail in a future post, so look out for updates!