2012 RTR Southern Stock

By now I’m sure that most of the readers of this blog are well aware of Bachmann’s 2012/13 new models.  The announcements can be found on Bachmann’s website.  Graham Muz has detailed the southern items expertly.

Looking at the forthcoming Hornby/Bachmann/Dapol (Kernow Model Centre) there are some items of interest for the 00 scale Southern steam modeller.  Two new Southern RTR locomotives were announced last year in the form of Bachmann’s SECR C Class and Dapol/Kernow’s ex-LSWR 02 tank engine, but nothing else announced this year.  So that’s it.  Or is it?

Arguably in recent year’s, new RTR Southern locomotive models have been thin on the ground.  A notable exception being Dapol/Kernow’s Beattie well tank (above).  However there have been a few other locomotives appropriate to the Southern enthusiast – particularly the BR standard designs, such as Bachmann’s standard 3MT tank engine (see below).

Although not necessarily  Southern designed and built engines, the Southern region, did employ many foreign and standard classes in BR days to fill in the gaps left by it’s aging steam fleet.  One such example was Ivatt’s 2MT tank. Numbers 41290-41319 were allocated to the Southern region.  Bachmann have announced this year that they will be producing a DCC friendly chassis for this class and also that one of these new upgraded chassis will be a Southern machine (41291).

A class not as closely associated with the Southern (due to its new fleet of Bulleid pacifics) was the Standard 7MT “Britannia” class.  That is with a few notable exceptions; one being regular “Golden Arrow” runner 70004 William Shakespeare.  Hornby are producing this as a limited edition model this year.

Unfortunately no new BR standard designs have been announced this year, but there are plenty available that can be used on Southern layout’s – 4MT 2-6-4 tank, 2-6-0 tender and 4-6-0 tender versions, plus the 5MT.  The 4MT’s being an obvious gap in my home fleet!  By delving a little deeper, we can see that there are a few new or newish Southern options for motive power.  Not as exciting options as announcements for other regions, but still enough to keep up interest.

In terms of rolling stock, there are some really interesting options for Southerners on the horizon.  Maunsell push-pull sets from Hornby (plus “unconverted” open third’s).  Hornby are also releasing a new luggage van “B” to go with existing van “c” (below).

Bachmann shall be producing new parcel van’s, expertly explained by Graham Muz.  This will supplement the already announced 25 ton SR Pill Box brake van.  Dapol/Kernow have also announced that they shall be producing new ex-LSWR push-pull “Gate stock”.

In a perfect world for Southern enthusiasts there would have been announcements of new models such as the SECR H class, LBSCR B4, LSWR Radial tanks or an original Merchant Navy pacific  (and/or many others!), but in my opinion the situation could be much worse.  I’ve also picked up on a rumour (and it is just that!) that NRM’s next locomotive could by an SECR D class 4-4-0, which would be simply amazing!  In the meantime, my attention has been diverted slightly off-course by a certain Prussian blue 7F 2-8-0 that Bachmann will be producing…