A4 Mallard, surprisingly slow!

Today marked a minor but significant achievement for my collection  – the last working model was DCC chipped.  This does not mean that all of my models are chipped – there are various projects that will require DCC chips (not to mention working motors, chassis etc!)

The last to be chipped was my Hornby A4 4468 Mallard.  I fitted a Gaugemaster DCC25 chip, simply because it was the cheapest I could find.  It seems the price of DCC chips has increased in the past few months – locosave’s chips are all sold out and Hornby R8249 is few pounds dearer than it was.  The Gaugemaster chip is a good quality chip, but is bigger than most.  Fortunately there was plenty of space in the A4 to accommodate it.

Chipping the “streak” took a little time – mainly in dismantling (what I presume to be) the speedo cable from the valve gear.  After fitting the chip to the model (a very simple operation), the body then needed a worrying application of force for it to fit together properly with the chassis.

The model is fabulous, Hornby have gone to great lengths in the detail stakes.  The motor is quiet, smooth and (contradicting this post’s title) is capable of pulling a heavy load very quickly.  But not here in the yard, the front bogey disliked one of my 2nd radius points and only worked well at a crawl.  Although the model is a little more sensitive then some, it is more the fault of the point as far as I can see.  As with so many models, radius 2 maybe the minimum working curve, but radius 3 or more is desirable.

Other than that, there is little more to update you with today.  The loco sort-out has continued, with Westcoutry pacific 21C123 Blackmoor Vale taking home (briefly) in the goods yard (see below).  As you can see a horsebox has turned up, so Blackmoor Vale had better make way for the scheduled goods train!

Tomorrow I plan to complete another model review, this time of locoyard’s best performing locomotive.  Any guesses what it mighty be?

Talk of chips is making me hungry and dinner is nearly ready, so farewell locoyard followers and happy modelling!