Cockney Coronation Society

My review of locoyards best performing engine has been put on hold to publicise what is a very exciting new venture.

A new campaign to free Coronation Pacific 46235 City of Birmingham from the Thinktank Museum has started from what at first might seem an unlikely source – the newly founded Cockney Coronation Society.

The society has formed as a result of the locomotives visit to the Southern Railway towards the end of hostilities during World War 2.  At the end of February 1945, the Stanier Pacific spent 13 days on the Southern Railway to assist with the moving of military resources from London to the southern port of Dover.  During this time the locomotive what painted in an experimental southern green livery – the inspiration for what would become Southern Railway’s slightly darker malachite green.  It has since been commented that this was a symbolic event in the railway community of the four railway companies coming together to serve its country.

In three years time, the Cockney Coronation Society would like to see City of Birmingham in steam, with full streamline casing and in malachite green to mark the 70 year anniversary of the event.  To help them with this cause, I’ve spent sometime re-painting a Hornby model of the prototype to help the society (see below).

Interestingly, at the time of the “cockney coronation” (as it was nicknamed); a feasibility study was put into determining whether the Coronation class could be a “clean” Duchess and run on electric power.  The proposal involved having an immersion heater powered from electricity picked up from the third rail.  Indeed, it is the first known reference of a “green” technology – derived from the fact that this locomotive painted green.  The society proposes to convert the machine following these plans and if successful it is likely that the entire current emu fleet will be replaced by green duchesses/coronations.  Although it might seem far-fetched there has also been considerable commercial interest in this around the world, particularly from Japan, who’s aging and antiquated rail network could do with a fresh, modern machine.

So please get in touch if you would support the societies bid to recreate the cockney coronation!